Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 24; Right Answer

Right Answer
Woo-hoo! After a GREAT time of celebrating my daughter's "Golden Birthday" with her, and then going on a road trip with my son, (he bought my Dad's old Thunderbird, and we went out to drive it back here) I am back in the studio today! I have a lot of catching up to do, but am so glad to be back at work here! 

Today's painting is about a proverb that is definitely not common in our day and culture! It did not go in the direction I expected it to, either, but it is fun to sometimes have surprising results when I paint. 

Proverbs 24: 26 (AMP) He kisses the lips [and wins the hearts of men] who gives a right answer.

11" x 14" acrylic on panel

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By the way, here is where you can see other artwork from this 30 day challenge.  http://lesliesaeta.blogspot.com/

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