Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Prayer Cards

Isn't it interesting how once in a while, a particularly significant and poignant time of life sneaks up on you? Have you had that happen to you? And I am finding that during this kind of time, it is crucial to put the important things first, and fit the rest of life around them. Interestingly, as I have been visiting at my son's church the last couple of Sundays, this has been the theme of their sermon series. As I type, I can envision the graphic they have had on the screen demonstrating the principle of putting first things first. 

This painting that I am posting is one of a collection of small paintings that I group together to use as prayer cards. They could be used in a lot of ways, such as listing things that I want to remember to pray for, or listing Bible verses that remind me of things I am thankful for, or separating my prayer list into daily segments. Prayer lists can be especially helpful to me during hectic days. I am making some sets to offer for sale at the art fair I will be part of August 25-26 in Syracuse, IN. (If you are interested in a set of cards - each about 4" square - contact me! I can work with you on your favorite color combinations for your own set, which will sell for around $20.)

This art fair is just part of a PACKED schedule for the next while. I am having the opportunity now of putting the first,

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect
"You practice?" he asked in a surprised voice. "Of course I practice!" I answered, equally surprised at his question. I was being filmed in my studio for an upcoming video about five local artists, and my role in this film was that of "daily painter". I do try to participate in daily painting challenges twice a year, but I also paint bigger, more involved paintings, and I teach, work on marketing, study, and so on. There really is a lot more to being an artist than just painting, as almost every artist well knows! 

$165.00 plus $10.00 shipping and handling
11" x 14"
Painted with acrylic heavy-body paint on acid-free, heavy weight Fabriano watercolor paper
Ready to frame

My Bible reading today was in the New Testament book of Luke. The first thing that really struck me was familiar.