Sunday, September 4, 2016

White Stone

White Stone
"I love being married to a woman of mystery," said my husband as we walked into our church service. "I have no idea why you just picked up that white pebble." 

$50.00, $5.00 S & H
6" x 6" acrylic on canvas panel 
ready to frame

Having chosen to paint stones that are mentioned in the Bible as my theme for this 30 in 30 challenge, I have been very aware of rocks and stones for the last week or more - especially when I am reminded of something in the Bible. I have a pinterest board with lots of rock pictures to study, and I have lists of Scripture passages about them, but I have not chosen an order in which to paint them. It looks like a great order will be this: whichever stone seems significant each day - that is the one I will work on!

So when I found the white pebble in the middle of the street, of course it caught my eye. After several very tough days around here (I feel like I am always telling you about the tough times... I will have to work on that!), I was feeling pretty distracted, and even angry on the way in to our service this morning. That is when the rounded white rock in the street caught my eye, and to me, it was a reminder that I am always on my Heavenly Father's mind. HE knows that I want to be inspired as I work, and HE put the inspiration right in my path. HE is so kind to me!

The white stone that is mentioned in the New Testament book Revelation is a stone given to those who overcome in spite of adversity (to put my own interpretation on it), and a new name is given on the stone. It is not clear to me whether the name is to be that of the overcomer, or that of GOD - a new name that shows a new view of HIS beauty or character.  (It kind of reminds me of a diamond engagement ring, and receiving a new name when I was married.) I would love to receive a white stone with a new name from HIM one day.

Revelation 2:17 (Amplified Bible)
He who has an ear, let him hear and heed what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes [the world through believing that Jesus is the Son of God], to him I will give [the privilege of eating] some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone with a new name engraved on the stone which no one knows except the one who receives it.’

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