Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Also Jasper

Also Jasper
Since this painting challenge will soon be in the record books, so to speak, I have already been bemoaning not having the accountability, and not having the theme to work from. Yes, I am actually aware that I can do something about that, but up to this point, I have mostly just been whining about it. *silly girl*

Part of piece called Foundation Stones
6" x 6" acrylic on canvas panel 
ready to frame  

Well, my helpful friend Tim suggested I paint all my October paintings using only autumn colors. (So, is sky blue an autumn color? Because... How about sunset colors?) Actually, I really think it would be a fun challenge. My husband suggested I do all the ANIMALS in the Bible next time. Oh my goodness, do you have any idea how many animals are mentioned by name in the Bible? Today, as I read in my Bible, I came across a bear story... 

This challenge doing works inspired by stones or gems mentioned in the Bible has been (probably) my favorite challenge theme ever. It has certainly taken me out of my comfort zone by having me paint things that I don't like as well (only some of the stones) and has given me plenty of material for the challenge and beyond - not to mention inspiration for bigger paintings. 

Revelation 21:19 - 21 (HCSB) The foundations of the city wall were adorned with every kind of precious stone:
the first foundation jasper,
the second sapphire,
the third chalcedony,
the fourth emerald,
20 the fifth sardonyx,
the sixth carnelian,(sardius)
the seventh chrysolite,
the eighth beryl,
the ninth topaz,
the tenth chrysoprase,
the eleventh jacinth,
the twelfth amethyst.
21 The 12 gates are 12 pearls; each individual gate was made of a single pearl. The broad street of the city 
was pure gold, like transparent glass.

Reference photo for jasper

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