Wednesday, January 7, 2015



One of the things that is really helpful when working on a painting challenge is to have a theme to work on, or a series to try. I have been thinking about that, and I think I may have a theme in the works! The first painting of that theme will be a blue painting, and as I have been considering that, I have been inspired by the frost on my window today. Although this painting is not the first of this series, still the concept will be carrying through. 

It is so significant to me to recognize the Heavenly Father (Who is endlessly loving and kind) as the Greatest Artist. HIS creativity and beauty so often stop me in my tracks. 

This painting looks very different from different angles, and I also think it is nice either horizontally or vertically. There is a large percentage of the surface that is covered with a thin iridescent layer, so that it is difficult to photograph, and it may be difficult to see in certain kinds of light. (The canvas has stretched a bit, too, but will be tightened when the paint is completely dry.)
Frost - horizontal, in different light

No longer available 

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