Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Purple Cosmos

Purple Cosmos
How is it already June? All of a sudden, this year is absolutely FLYING by me. (You too?) It is time for shows, contests, and art fairs, and somehow or other, it all sneaked up on me.

This past weekend was a local art fair that I have always loved attending, and this year for the first time, I was one of the people in a white tent! It was a good show for me, but I already feel like I will busy until Christmas! Well, maybe not quite...

No longer available

12 x 12" painted with the finest quality acrylic heavy-body paint on 
acid-free, heavy weight Fabriano watercolor paper

Ready to frame

Today I finally got back into the studio to paint. Ahhh. That makes such a difference. The time just melts away, and I am surprised when I look at the clock and it is past time for me to be doing other things. Here is a work that has been many, many layers in the making, and is one of several that have been WIPs in my studio. I love the colors, textures, and the celestial feel of this little piece. It is one that I have spent time looking at over and over again. It reminds me of this passage of Scripture. 

Psalm 19:1-3 "The heavens declare the glory of God,
    and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.
Day to day pours out speech,
    and night to night reveals knowledge.
There is no speech, nor are there words, 
whose voice is not heard."

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