Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January Thunder

January Thunder
Ba-ba-BOOM! I could hardly believe my ears this morning - thunder! In Indiana - in January! When we got up, it was over 50 degrees, raining, and there was thunder and lightning. Not at all what we are used to! Well, that will knock the sleepies out of a girl, let me tell you. 

$150.00 plus $10.00 shipping and handling

9" x 12" painted with artist quality heavy-body
 acrylic paint on canvas panel

Ready to frame 

This little green landscape painting has been through a lot of layers, restarts, and upgrades. I am nearly sure you wouldn't recognize where it started this morning. Part of teaching classes requires a lot of prep work, and this piece started out as prep. Again, I am using unfamiliar paint, colors, and substrate, and it can be very overwhelming. Not what I am used to, to say the least. It will wake up a 'sleepy' artist, let me tell you. 

My Bible reading is still in the Old Testament book of Jeremiah where GOD is having His prophet warn the children of Israel what is in store for them because of their complacent lives of unbelief and disobedience. Jeremiah recognizes the problems in his beloved nation, and wants to make the people hear - "Leave your life-as-usual assurance that the 'gods' you have made for yourselves will protect you! Don't rest on the hollow confidence that nothing will change!" They needed some new colors to paint with, or some thunder and lightning in January. They needed to wake up from their sleep, let me tell you. 

But they didn't listen. They were defeated by enemies and taken into exile for life. Oh how terrible. 

May we - may I - listen to the January thunder. May I be quick in my response when GOD calls. That is what I most want, let me tell you. 

Jeremiah 10:6
"Yahweh, there is no one like You.
You are great;
Your name is great in power."        

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