Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hoo De Hoo

Hoo De Hoo
"Hoo-de-hoo"! My mother had a friend who was well beyond retirement age who would go outside early in the morning on a February day and shout "hoo-de-hoo" to welcome spring. Of course, since both of them lived in Minnesota, spring was still far away in February! But I am pretty sure both Mom and her friend were hoping that the call would encourage spring to come a little bit earlier. I must admit, I am hoping for spring to arrive sometime soon, too!

This acrylic painting is 3' x 4', and is textured and brightly colored! The pink color is a fluorescent pink - Holbein's Luninous Opera heavy body acrylic. 

No longer available
3' x 4' abstract acrylic on panel

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  1. This painting is so much fun as is your memory of your mother's friend.

    1. Thanks! I went out this morning and shouted hoo-de-hoo myself! :)