Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Abstract 022

Abstract 022
Taking classes from an artist in a nearby town, I have been stretched beyond what I am comfortable with, and have learned more than I thought I would! The teacher has started with the basics, and while most is review for me, each week I have come home with a workable challenge to improve my skills. 

These classes have not been 'monkey-see-monkey-do' type classes. They are, maybe, more comprehensive in covering a lot of art education. (Don't get me wrong - I really enjoy the MSMD type workshops, and I usually learn new skills in that type class as well.) Each class has sent me home with homework to keep practicing, and it is such a good exercise to keep pushing ahead with learning in new areas!

This time, the teacher challenged me to be less hesitant, and to respond to the color I was seeing. (This abstract was based on a still life.) It was so helpful in opening my eyes to one of my problem areas, and is something I can work on! 

$165 plus $10 shipping and handling
11" x 14" on canvas panel
ready to frame

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