Thursday, April 28, 2016


Delicate is a word I would use, were someone to ask me to describe spring. I am not sure why... I mean, it is wet and muddy, the flowers are splashy and aromatic, and the color is vibrant! But still, somehow, it seems delicate. I wonder whether it is often the case that things that seem so delicate are really strong - fighting their way through the difficult winter to blossom and spread cheer. I am pretty sure the same goes for many people who have experienced 'winter' seasons in life...

$70.00, $10.00 S & H
6" x 6" acrylic on watercolor paper 
ready to frame

While mowing, I discovered this little beautiful blue egg lying under a tree, and I jerked the steering mechanism of the mower to swerve around it and not crush it! The fact that I left long grass in that one area is a triumph in itself, since I can hardly stand it if I skip part of my 'job' of mowing, and another surprise is that I remembered to go back after I finished (we mow a LOT of grass) to retrieve it. 

A high key painting seemed to me to be the way to try to express my feelings toward the delicacy of  spring in general, and this fragile egg shell in particular. I hope it appeals to you. 

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