Wednesday, August 13, 2014


2 Corinthians 7 is a chapter of the New Testament that is just overflowing with words of affirmation. Paul writes to a group of people that he, as an apostle, had corrected in a painful letter previously. He tells them that he had regretted writing harsh things, but was so glad for the great results. He uses so many words of encouragement: confidence, comfort, overflowing with joy, rejoice, zeal, without regret, refreshed, boasted about you, affection, and many more. 

I am a person to whom words of affirmation are especially energizing. Recently, I had another reminder of this. I have had some physical therapy which is painful and draining. When I went in for my first appointment, though, the head therapist used phrases like, "You seem like an active person", and "Really good effort there!" At one point, he addressed a student observer, saying, "You can see, she already has gained some range of motion." Those words have spurred me to pushing harder than I ever thought I could, and have caused my therapy to progress rapidly. What power in the words said!

May encouraging words always be quick on my tongue! I hope that I can spur those I love and care for to push on, do more, and celebrate life!

2 Corinthians 7:4, 16 (New American Standard Bible) Great is my confidence in you; great is my boasting on your behalf. I am filled with comfort; I am overflowing with joy in all our affliction.
16 I rejoice that in everything I have confidence in you.

11" x 14" acrylic on panel

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