Monday, February 29, 2016

Torn in Two

Torn in Two

Reading in the Old Testament can sometimes be challenging - it can be difficult to grasp some of the situations and interactions because I don't really know the culture. Of course, I can study, but that leaves me to the mercy of others who have also studied... I am not there, and I may not understand. Even if I were to have been there I may not have understood. 

$375.00 plus $25.00 shipping and handling
 22" x 30" acrylic on watercolor paper, mounted on cradled panel

I find very deep significance in the picture that was given at the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. The Bible tells that the veil, or curtain, in the temple - the house where GOD was worshiped - was torn, and it was torn from the top to the bottom. Now, my Bible reading time lately has been in the Old Testament, and it was no small matter to tear that veil. In fact, I would have thought it nearly impossible. And then to tear it from the top to the bottom as it was hanging. It was significant because Jesus, by HIS death, made an open communication between the people (me) and His Father. 

My hope in this work is that people would see that there is brilliance and beauty behind the veil. Not only behind the Old Testament Law, but also behind the daily routine we live in. I want each one to want to see 'behind the veil' 'to the beauty of my Savior.

Hebrews 9