Thursday, October 10, 2013

But the Righteous; Proverbs 29 post

But the Righteous
The woods called me for a long walk today (and I found some interesting things there!), and spent a lot of time thinking while I was there. I absolutely love to walk in the woods! I really love it all year, but there is something so special about the Autumn. Especially early in the season, when the leaves are on the cusp of turning to their best colors, and yet just a little further on, the cold, gray winter enters - the outdoors alone almost communicates all of this. 

This verse from Proverbs seems to express a bit of the same sense of expectancy. This is the feeling I wanted to communicate with my painting today. 

I used a lot of impasto and also sgrafitto technique to give energy and urgency to this expression. 

Proverbs 29:16 (AMP) When the wicked are in authority, transgression increases, 
but the [uncompromisingly] righteous shall see the fall of the wicked.

11" x 14" acrylic on panel

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