Monday, May 29, 2017

Keep a Stout Heart (Clorinda)

Keep a Stout Heart
"Are you reading your trash novels?" my Beloved Husband will ask whenever he finds me reading. (To tell the truth, I doubt he knows what a trash novel really is.) I do occasionally read historical fiction, but since he is not really a reader, ANY novel is a trash novel! A favorite comedic writer of historical fiction is Georgette Heyer, and I was reading from one of her books the other day as I thought about the finishing touches for this painting that was on my easel. Toward the end of the story, the hero says, "Keep a stout heart, Clorinda," to the heroine (who is NOT named Clorinda), and surprisingly, that sentence stopped me and carried my thoughts out of the book and into 'real life'. 

20 x 16" painted with the finest quality acrylic heavy-body paint on watercolor paper

ready to frame

This painting has been a handful because I have been painting on a different kind of watercolor paper than I am used to. It surprises me how a seemingly small change can take such a lot of adjustment to achieve results that satisfy me. During the time that I have been working on this one, my kids have decided on grad school, (financial burden and overwhelming decision making on their part, as well as packing, moving, etc.), and I have been struggling with some kind of problem with my neck, back and shoulder that has become nearly debilitating. I only mention this because I feel that I subconsciously painted some of these things in this abstract work. Bold shapes, brash brush strokes, unusual (for me) choices all seem to show my struggles. 

(Incidentally, I took this painting with me to a meeting of a group of artists with whom I meet monthly. We peer review each others' work, and I so much appreciate their input! After hearing the title of the work, one of them asked me if the shapes were the 'Stout Hearted Men'. I had not heard of that, so I googled it, and found this clip from an old movie I will have to find and watch.)

I have been reminded of things by my Loving Heavenly Father in many different ways, and I enjoyed His getting my attention through a novel this time. And through a painting. Here is the verse that comes to my mind as I think of how He is taking care of my every need. 

Philippians 4:19 "And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus."

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