Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Love II (Fruit of the Spirit)

Love II (Fruit of the Spirit)

"Do you think there is a way I can show all 16 paintings and get some input on this?" I asked my husband. "I need some artist's input on which 9 make a good grouping."

This painting is the 16th I have done all in the same style, all with the idea of expressing the Fruit of the Spirit. I want to use them to hang in a 3 x 3 group to express these ideas, and it is getting tricky! This one in particular is so hard to photograph well because there is a lot of iridescence in it - more than I usually use.

The colors here remind me of the colors used in the Tabernacle and the Temple in Bible times. Once again, I am expressing God's love more than human love. 

$225 plus $10 shipping and handling
12 x 12 acrylic

Part of a group of 9 paintings representing the Fruit of the Spirit
Contact me for pricing for multiples from this group of paintings
Fruit of the Spirit

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